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Incentive to Claim [Sep. 8th, 2007|02:10 pm]
Fanfic Wish List


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There is one day left to make requests and as of this moment there are 32 requests posted on the list. So, far only one person has sent me claims, and I am a little concerned about how many people are going to be claiming. Thus, I came up with a slight incentive. I had said that requesters did not have to write, and that is still true. However, starting next month requesters must limit themselves to one request per month. The incentive is this: for each story a person writes, they will be allowed one more request for the next month or later. So, if you have a number of requests in mind, you will be able to request more of them earlier if you claim and write for other requests. Please let me know as soon as possible about any claims, mostly for my peace of mind.