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Fanfic Wish List

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Wish List for fanfic readers
This community is a fanfic wish list for every month. Starting in September, members can post requests for fanfic stories they would like to read. Then as requests come in, members can choose to claim a request or requests to write themselves. As requests are filled, those stories will be posted on the site at the end of October. Then, at the beginning of October a new list of requests will be posted, to be finished at the end of the next month. Continuing this way each month. For anyone interested, you may also email your request to me and I will add it to the list.

Now, how is this different than all the other journals. Simple, by fanfic request I don't mean Horatio and Speed in such and such situation. As much as I love the pairing, it's not hard to find. No, I mean like those rare or unritten fics you might have seen my requests for, Law and Order: Criminal Intent slash or a Medical Investigation/Jake 2.0 crossover. Anyone interested please respond to this post as soon as possible, so I can get an idea of how many people are willing to be involved. I would hate to spend a lot of time on this and have noone interested. For those who already have requests in mind, go ahead and send them to me. Try to make requests as specific as possible, but don't give me a whole summary. Something like a Criminal Intent fic with a Goren and Logan pairing. For those who want to request a more common fandom or pairing, you may do so as long as the situation you request is sufficiently rare. For example, a CSI pairing with supernatural influence (like werewolves).

People this is your chance to finally get that pairing that you have been searching all over the internet for, so please respond promptly.

I would like to thank the amazing causette for the Supernatural Mood Theme, and luvmeanddespair for the Dresden Files Banner.

I would also like to encourage people to check out this amazing community.